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Serve with a Team

Because the M.A. Center is volunteer-run, seva teams are an essential part of the life of the Center. Many teams serve throughout the year, while some gather semi-annually to serve at Amma’s Bay Area programs.

Be part of something bigger. 


Help with a special event or serve on a regular basis, often with the same team members. Start with a few scheduled shifts. If it works for you and your team, you can also take on planning and leadership tasks as you go.


While smaller teams are often simply cooperative groups, some of the larger seva teams are coordinated by several people.


As you gain experience with a particular area, consider whether you might be able to serve by coordinating a team.

Make a lasting difference with your service. Find community within your team. Develop your skills, and on some teams, your muscles!



Current opportunities

The following teams are actively looking for new members. Would you like to join in

Keep waste out of landfills with the Green Team

More teams

Didn’t find the team you were looking for? These are just a few of the teams that serve at M.A. Center, San Ramon. See all teams >

Greet guests with a smile with the Welcome Team

The Parking Team keeps traffic flowing


During Amma's programs

The Communications Team invites volunteers to serve with us. We are a close group that provides service to the M.A. Center by both working with the public and facilitating communication between seva teams.


This seva has a minimum 4-hour commitment with on-the-job training. We work in Amrita Hall in the upstairs library, where it can often be quiet, followed by busy periods.


Hope you can join us!



During Amma's programs

Here's an easy way to do your part for the environment. Keep M.A. Center green by taking out and sorting compost, recycling, and trash. Fulfill Amma’s teachings about caring for Nature while enjoying some fresh air. 


This is a local tour staff position. Ask for more information when you sign up.


During Amma's programs

Keep the Snack Shops, kitchen, and bathrooms supplied with clean linens. Do laundry either at a local Laundromat or your home.


Pick up the laundry, wash, dry, and fold it, then return it ready for another round. A great way to serve if you live nearby.


During Amma's programs

Guide guests to parking lots and help them park. If you like to be outdoors and are a good communicator, this is the seva for you!


This is a local tour staff position. Ask for more information when you sign up.


During Amma's programs

Vacuum, tidy, and arrange chairs in the program hall after Amma's morning and evening programs.


During Amma's programs

Welcome and check attendees in as the retreat begins. Serve in the afternoon or evening on Sunday, June 4th.


During Amma's programs

Connect people with service opportunities in the moment. This seva includes service at the seva desk as well as walking through the program hall and surrounding areas to connect with volunteers.


During Amma's programs

Welcome Amma's guests to her Bay Area programs. The Welcome Team forms lines for tokens, orients newcomers to Amma’s programs, and assists guests with special needs. New and experienced volunteers are welcome. Come be a part of the team!

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