Come serve with us at M.A. Center, San Ramon. Whether you have plenty of time or just a few hours now and then, there is a place here for you to volunteer. 

Come for a seva day, or serve at a special event. You can be part of a wide range of activities, including improving the Center’s beautiful surroundings and hosting holidays and retreats.


During Amma’s twice-yearly programs at M.A. Center, San Ramon, there are also many ways you can be of service in the moment. 

Adopt a one-day, independent service project for the M.A. Center.


Choose a project that suits your skills. Then complete it on your own, or with your friends, family, or satsang.

Work with a team to provide a wide range of services, including information and tech support, welcoming guests, and maintaining the M.A. Center property, just to name a few.


Seva teams also prepare for and serve during Amma’s summer and winter programs at the M.A. Center.