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Connect with Nature

Garden Team

Serve by caring for the Center’s landscaped areas and gardens, including an established rose garden. Garden sevas include pruning, mulching, and weeding to your heart’s content!


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Come on a seva day and ask for a gardening seva. Learn more >

GreenFriends Farm

GreenFriends Farm is an integral and dynamic part of MA Center, with fruit orchards throughout the property. The farm is a model of sustainable permaculture practices including erosion prevention and the use of companion plants, and check dams. GreenFriends Farm is also an environmental education hub for the Bay Area, hosting regular workshops on best farming practices.


Get connected

Sevas vary with the seasons, and include planting trees, culling blossoms in the orchards, weeding, and mulching. Schedule a time any day Monday through Saturday. Volunteer now >

Nestled in the beautiful hills near Castro Valley, M.A. Center, San Ramon is a wonderful place to get closer to nature. Serve in the gardens with the Garden Team, or in the orchards with GreenFriends Farm.

The pond at M.A. Center

Amma's Rose Garden

Harvesting plums with GreenFriends

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