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Amma's Programs

Same-day program seva


Serve a meal

Set up the Dining Hall

Cut vegetables

Bring food to the Dining Hall

Rinse dishes

Clean up the kitchen



Monitor and empty recycling and trash



Keep the Amma Shop secure


Direct dinner lines

Distribute blessed water

Prepare flower petals for Amma

Seat guests for the Atma Puja



Drive guests to local destinations

Direct traffic and guide guests to parking

Serve in the moment


When you come to be with Amma, you can also give back with selfless service. Stop by the “seva desk” in Amrita Hall and find out what you can do.

Do a little. Help a lot.


Even a few minutes of spontaneous service can make a difference. Here are four ways to serve on the fly.


  1. Return others’ forgotten cups and dishes to Snack Shop or Dining Hall dish stations.

  2. Put forgotten soda bottles in the nearest CRV bottle container. The return value goes to support Amma’s charitable projects.

  3. Collect trash and place it in trash containers.

  4. Clear spills and crumbs and push in chairs at Snack Shop and Dining Hall tables.


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