Amma's Programs

How will you serve?

We’re all volunteers.

Amma's programs are entirely volunteer-run. The selfless service that so many people offer suggests that seva grants a special kind of joy.

Prepare for Amma's programs

Create a beautiful, welcoming venue for Amma and her guests. Serve on a Saturday at MA Center, San Ramon to prepare and pack supplies for the programs, or pitch in on November 24th to set up in San Jose. Send an email to volunteer. Email now >


Serve on a team

Offer your service with the Welcome Team, or one of the many other program teams that help put on Amma's programs. Learn more >


Serve at a program

Give back when you come to see Amma by serving food, washing dishes, cutting vegetables, and more. Stop by the Seva Desk inside the program hall to find out what you can do.


Greet guests with the greeting team