Seva Days

Drop in on a Saturday and offer your service. 

Summer Seva

The Center’s regular Saturday satsang programs are on hiatus during Amma’s North American tour, but Saturday seva continues. See seva calendar >


Get a move on

With Amma’s San Ramon programs just ended, you can serve by breaking down the program setups, moving equipment into storage, and caring for the Center’s grounds and public spaces. Later in the summer, the equipment from Amma’s North American tour will return to M.A. Center, permitting us to clean and store it, ready for Amma’s return.



The season also offers service opportunities in Amma’s orchards and gardens. You can serve with the orchard team to prepare for a big planting planned for this fall, or nurture the Center’s gardens and landscaped areas through the hot, dry weather.


Help others

Not least, Saturday seva includes the chance to help others by sorting medical supplies for AIMS, Amma’s charitable hospital in India. Learn more >


We’re glad you’re coming

If you’re taking BART, you can arrange a pickup for the seva day at Castro Valley station. Bring your kids if you like, and grab a water bottle on your way out the door. Learn more >

Adopt a Summer Project

Summer is a great time to adopt a project at M.A. Center. With peace and quiet throughout the grounds, you can focus on a painting, arts and crafts, or maintenance project of your choice.  Learn more > 

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