Seva News & Events

  • Selfless Service for Amma’s Programs

    May 18, 2015 BananaLeaf1_600x400.jpg Packing the Banana Leaf Cafe for Amma's tour
    With Amma’s San Ramon programs coming up in less than three weeks, there are plenty of ways you can serve at M.A. Center! Come and serve on a seva day , or adopt a project as your way to contribute. It’s a busy and happy time here at the Center, so come and join in the service and good spirits.
    This is also a perfect time to connect with one of the many local volunteer teams that serve at M.A. Center, San Ramon during Amma’s programs. Whatever your abilities or interests, there is a team for you. Here are just a few of the teams you can serve with during the programs:
    Program Set-Up Team  
    Set up Amrita Hall for Amma’s morning and evening programs
    Welcome Team
    Greet guests and assist those with special needs
    Youth Programs Teams
    Spend time with young children, pre-teens, and teens in Amma’s children’s programs
    Green Team
    Care for the environment directly by managing compost, recycling and trash
    Maintenance and Facilities Team
    Support Amma’s programs by keeping M.A. Center’s equipment and buildings in working order
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  • Weekend Seva: May 16 and 17

    May 14, 2015 DiningHallSetup1_600x400.jpg Let's team up for Dining Hall setup

    Only three weeks are left until Amma's programs begin! Come serve on big preparation projects this Saturday and Sunday. 


    Set up the new Snack Shop 

    Set up the new Amma Shop 

    Set up the Dining Hall (iron and place table cloths)

    Garden all you want! (weed by hand, prune, and weed whack)

    Clean rooms for Amma's all-volunteer tour staff


    Would you like to volunteer with the Welcome Team during the programs? Plan to attend a Welcome Team training this Saturday. Learn more >

  • Community Seva Day

    April 5, 2015 Paint6_6x4.jpg A new coat of paint

    On March 14, volunteers from around the Bay Area started Community Seva Day with meditation and prayer, then teamed up to tackle ashram improvement projects.


    Everyone brought good will and a selfless attitude, creating a heartwarming sense of community. Learn more >

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  • Tour Kick-off Meeting and Ice Cream Social

    Posted March 26, 2015 KickoffTea1_600x400.jpg Starting with a prayer
    Get involved in Amma's upcoming North America summer tour, from the ground up. Find out how you can get M.A. Center ready for Amma's programs and serve while she is here . The April 18th kick-off meeting will include important news and updates regarding Amma’s upcoming visit to the Bay Area, as well as an ice cream social to start the celebration.

    Saturday, April 18th

    3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

    Meditation Meadow


    More about seva for Amma's programs >